As you have probably guessed, my name is Freya (actually my middle name but the one I am know by in the world of witchcraft and beyond!) I run Freya's Cauldron along with my partner Graham, who is our master wand maker and creates the majority of our own exclusive wooden and engraved items. 

I am a practicing witch with well over 30 years experience in the craft, I am blessed to have had the knowledge of my ancestors passed down to me. I am not Wiccan, I am a witch, plain and simple! My ancestors were following their path long before Wicca was even invented.

  I do try and cater for all in my shop though and I will always provide supplies for all paths. 

I first started selling herbs and spells just over 30 years ago and this later progressed to joining eBay in 2003. A website followed a few years later and the current one we have was created a couple of years ago. 

Freya's Cauldron has come along way in those 30+ years and we are still growing and adding new products. We have a monthly subscription box called the Spell Keeper's Chest which is themed with the practising witch in mind and at just £25 a month including delivery it really is a tempting treat!!

We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience with us and come back to see us again soon.

Bright Blessings

Freya and Graham